Saturday, January 10, 2015

Penis for dinner. Why not ???

excuse me for the explicit headline but thats the truth. its gonna be fucking akward if i say i ate penis in penang but hell yeah. it taste good. 

fuck u gay fuckers, i'm talking about food here. 

to tell u the truth, its bull penis or cod i'm talking about. and hell yeah i'm loving it!

feeling empty, hungry and lonely in penang ? worry not. get your ass here at sup hameed. located alongside penang road. near peking hotel. dont know where ? ask the locals. they know. (wtf?)

ok, i took that picture from google. it's better to dine in at night time as it will be busy with tourist and people heading for clubs on and off so if u r lucky, u'll get a better scene and 'view'. to relax your eye. 

ok. lets go to the soup. it is called torpedo has its significant tho. if u ever taste an indian soup, you will noticed its a little bit spicy and u can even taste those spices in the soup. its really thick but as thick as the cream soup. u can ask for other choices of meat if u dont fancy to eat bulls penis. there are, chicken, beef, lamb, cow stomach or maybe, chunks of ligaments and ox tails. your choice. but definitely i prefer bulls cod.

the taste is soooo weird. by the time u bite it, it is meaty but with a sort of ligaments and juicy taste at the very beginning. but when it all chewed up, the taste becomes like a mixture of all meaty and ligaments chunks all together. that what makes it so perfect. fuck, even writing about it right now give me goosebumps. damn !

for an rm7 a bowl, this cuisine is a killer indeed. and i would go for more. i usually would go for two bowls of this monster and hell yeah it was worth my tummy. its a must stop for me whenever im in penang. i could talk all the way about having a soup in penang but i'll just let u try and do the talking.

gay or not, everybody need to chew this kind of penis. period !!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sup Ikan Pak Mat Pulau Pisang, are u morbid ??

it january now and we r still in the flood relief period. to those who dont know, malaysia has been hit by a major flood flood throughout east coast and some parts of southern area. the most affected area was in kelantan, malaysia. yes. my hometown. metalheads out there, lets share some grief with those unfortunate by helping them out vie monetary or others. why not ?

ok, in this cold season period, its best to go with.... soup !!

now, if u r ever in kota bharu kelantan, in the morning or so, with no where to eat, please and i say it again, pretty please head down to Sup Ikan Pak Mat Pulau Pisang. it is located alongside the way to kedai buloh. if u ever on your way to PCB Beach.

for u westerners, sup ikan means fish soup. and pak mat is the owner's name. pulau pisang is the village where the restaurant is situated. u can simply the google the map and street view here.

ok, lets talk about the food. the first thing u need to order is the iced milk tea. it is out of this world. it seems like the foam just rested on top of it and the foam itself was tasty. they said it was a mixture of milk tea and honey. i doubt that tho. there's must be some caramel involved. it is milky sweet. not like diabetically sweet. it was just nice to endavour. and kisahtatie totally approved it!! (wink! wink! ) u called it milky ? i'll just call it oktoberfest !

then, lets go to the main course itself. fish soup ? why not !!!

if u go to the counter, u can ask them to show u the varies of fish. u can choose but mind that they only have big size fish and it is either kakap, tenggiri, mundok or maybe others. (westerners, just ask the locals).

what makes it so irresistibly different was that they combine the fish with a cutlets of beefs and some ligaments and fat. yes. in one bowl of soup. and thats the beauty of it. and guess what, it totally rocks! i can simply ask u guys whether u think the soup will stench with fishy smell but hell no. the beef mixed well in the soup. and hail satan, the soup was awesome !!! the taste of sour combined with hot spicy chilli makes it more irresistible. 

pricey ? i would say it was a standard rate for a big size fish. a big bowl of fish and beef soup is about rm30 (usd8 ?). but for that price, its totally an adventurous experience i might say. 

now that we all steamed up after having a soup, lets jamm some Celtic Frost tunes shall we ?? morbid tales would be nice !! ARE YOU MORBID ????????

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baiti Laksam. win some, loose some.

ok, suddenly i got this magical urge to write again and this time, ill try to make it short.

firstly i need to clarify this. i live in kelantan, malaysia so excuse me if u noticed that lots of my post only resides in kelantan area. but i'll try to post some food from other places as well ok ?

now its time for an original cuisine from my hometown. LAKSAM.

for those who dont know what laksam is, its quite similar to laksa but with a different twist on texture and presentation.

if u dont know what laksa is, nevermind. i'll just describe the laksam. laksam is a steamed rice noodles combined with a coconut milk filled with blended fish gravy. its a local delicacy right here in kelantan but most people in malaysia cant really differentiate between laksa and laksam. there are many type of laksa with many types of serving presentations and gravy choices. singapore laksa, johore laksa, penang laksa, kuala perlis laksa, spagetthi laksa but magically there's only one laksam with only one type of serving. 

that makes laksam so special.

enuf about that, now if u already understand and want to know more about laksam, get ur ass down here in kota bharu and charged forward to Panchor, Kota Bharu.

once u already there, please find a small restaurant called Baiti Laksam. located on your left along side the road heading towards demit/kubang kerian from panchor.

the restaurant only serves laksam. but with specialty treats. 

imagine the laksam that ive described earlier but this time, just add boiled quail eggs and meat floss. get it ? 

the gravy is so rich and milky perfectly mixed with shredded cucumber and meat floss, u cant resist to go for another plate. seriously. its that delicous.

and its damn cheap too. rm3.50 for a special treat made for odin, u cant get this elsewhere. the way i look at it, u can save a lot with this marvelous cuisine. and with the economy right now and LP prices getting higher, maybe this is our only solution. 

lets eat more laksam.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Maggi Tiram Tawang. Raw Ist law !!!

Damn it. its actually has been years since i updated this blog. and lucifer's forbid i dont even remember those logins anymore. thanx to Extra Joss for keeping me sane while busting my ass to find out those logins again. and yes, here we are.

please be aware that this is my first post after 4 years. 

ok, lets talk about oysters. it is well known that oysters are actually expensive right here in malaysia. yes indeed. infact, to some people here, they only can imagine it being served at some hotels or some fancy restaurants. especially in the peninsular area. 

if u ask randomly here about oysters, they can only refer to the one of Mr. Bean's yucky oyster scene in one of his episodes. yes. why malaysians ?? why ?? ppfffffffffffttttt. 

ok. fuck that. want to eat cheap oysters ? ok.
off we go to a small area named Tawang, a rural village under Bachok district, and off course, in Kelantan, malaysia.

i couldnt care less about how u guys are going there but it seems like its a new attraction to Tawang nowadays so i guess u guys can easily get there by urself or get a kelantanese boyfriend@girlfriend that can bring u there. i'm not joking. if u r accidently in tawang, please ask for Maggi Tiram tawang.

the place is actually a small hut with huge canvas tent likewise infront of a house. by the time i arrived, it was packed with people and it was nearly dinner time. 

the specialty of this place is the Maggi Tiram. errr, yes. u damn right. it is instant noodle with oysters. and i dont think its a specialty at all since they have been combining instant noodles with lots of other seafood. well, ok. i should just give it a try. and it was ok. luckily they didnt use those flavor (spice ? salt ?) from the instant noodle packaging for the soup. the soup actually taste like mee bandung. nothing more and nothing less. and the oyster didnt affect much i guess. u can simply change it with prawns or anything and it will taste the same. and i'm damn serious. 

feeling down. not to worry.

ok, for some reason, i actually came here for one reason. EATING FRESH OYSTERS !!!!!!

now lets order some.

i did order 6 freshly opened oysters. and guess what, its rm2 for a freshly opened oyster !! u just cant get that elsewhere here in peninsular if u ask me and damn right it taste perfect!! once u order that, they actually open those oysters infront of u. freshly opened. and yess. i've always craving for it raw. just how i like my earlier Darkthrone album collections. Raw Ist Law !!!!

for those beginners, they actually put some onionly garlicaly mixture on top of the freshly opened oysters incase u dont like the taste. but i dont want to disrespect nocturnal culto and fenriz for being a pussy coz as i stated earlier. i want it raw !!!

the freshly tase was damn awesome. i cant imagine having that right in my hometown coz its actually rare !! the bitterness, the ocean like taste welcomes me like the new Diocletian's new album and it was good.

 to those westerners out there, i can understand if u r asking why on earth that i make a big fuss about eating oysters ? but believe me, its an exotic experience for us to actually eat oysters as it is an exotically expensive right here in malaysia. and its only available in some area.

i hope u understand. meanwhile back here in malaysia, i'm totally blessed by mighty neptune for this desirable feast from the ocean. zeuss will definitely happy to see me happily satisfied. in kelantan. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I need more! Mancongkam Jiwo!

hey, its been a while since my last post. bet u r now hungry for more tasteful photo's right? hahaha! ok, for those metalheads and rockers in KL, here's for u!

if u were looking for some chiken rice with a slightly different from others, with a little twist of secret ingedients kind ov taste, wander no more guys! come on and get geared up and charge forward to gombak now!

ok, onced u r already in ur freakin panzer, its time to charge forward alongside jalan gombak near Pasar Besar Gombak or Gombak Wet Market. straight away right along, u can simply see one simple restaurant on ur right. the signboard says, NASI AYAM MANCONGKAM. there.

ok, lets get straight away to the food then.
the menu was very simple. just a simple chiken rice but with a simple choices. u an rather have the original regular fried chiken or crispy (?) chicken and both taste delicous! i would say, the most delicous part was the sauce. i think the sauce makes the chicken more irresistable.

hmmm, hence the chicken, the soup was also awesome. delivered hot and steamy, the tase was so delightful and yet, warm enough to be spared along with the nice fragranced and yellow coloured rice.
i did noticed that Mancongkam did opened another branch of this restaurant in Shah Alam and the tastse was slightly the same. so, for PJrians and Subangians, cry no more. u ca simply dine in minutes away!

ok, im sure that u guys were asking about the price isnt it? yup, the price was A OK. with a single dish plus iced Tea, it is totally worthy for rm6.

hows that for a lunch?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

crave for oyster and lala anyone??

horns up and hail!!!

feels good to be back here writing and mumbling about food instead ov talking about the new Behemoth's album that have been getting along with lame ideas. sadly to say but the newest album was really not my cup ov tea. it gets really overated.

while i was in KL last month, i did went food hunting with my friend Lani and Li Jean! what a company!! ahahahaha

ok, after a long wander around PJ and Subang for food, we decided to go to Damansara Up Town or now the deserted Damansara Utama. there used to be an Up Town here before they moved it to Kota Damansara couple ov years ago. what a waste. Republic Of Brickfields did wrote a song about it in a song called "UpTown". huhuhu.

ok, back to food, after arriving at Medan Selera Damansara Utama basically next to McDonalds Damansara Utama, we were welcomed with lots ov we decided to order the food from Bintang Henry, one of the many stalls around this medan selera. this time we ordered Lala Kam Hyung, Chicken Kam Hyung and Fried Oyster With Eggs.

after some funny and weird chat among us, the food came right to our table. the smell of sauces and gravy apart ov some garlic was definitely playing with us. i really cant resist to try it out. and it was awesome.

for those who dont know what is kam hyung, its actually a type ov cooking just like the paprik or masak pedas for malays. so, if it is lala kam hyung than it supposed to be lala masak pedas for malays. huhuhuhu. but the oyster is definitely fall into different category. it seems to me that chinese cuisine love to cook the oyster this way perhaps. it was fried with eggs and some corn flour and all mixed together to form like an omelette kinda stuff. (i dont know!) but its sure was awesome as well. hahahaha!

guess, it was cheap as well. for a small plates of those three delicacy, it is affordable. maybe around rm5-rm7 a small plate. and im pretty sure, with that kind ov price, ill be knocking for more next time around!!

hope u enjoy it Lani and Li Jean (thats her hand in the picture!)

coz i surely do!! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Original Nasi Kak Wok @ Lundang

ive recieved a lot of request to actually review this delicacy. to Faiz Rahman, this one is for u.

downtown of kota bharu lies a wonderful pre-modernized village called kg. lundang. for the localites, they will for surely know what to expect in this sort of place. one thing only.

yes. its the well known-undefeated-classic-old-original-Nasi Kak Wok.

u might be asking why did i mentioned "the original". definitely because there are many Kak Wok copiers in town. some ov them will called them selves Ala Kak Wok or maybe just simply Nasi Kak Wok but as for us true metalheads, we despise bootlegs!!! hahahahaha!

ok, arriving to the place it self was a calm sight. situated in the heart of a village made them very enjoyable with a crowded houses along with trees and bushes. as a rural village would be. the first thing u'll be interest in is the long que. Nasi Kak Wok opens around 7:30am for breakfast till after lunch maybe around 3.00pm. if u came around breakfast and lunch hour, the place will be crowded and with long que to get the Nasi. i really recommend u guys to come between those two peak hours.

now that i got my dish already after the long waiting que, lets called it review time.

for those who cant really imagine how Nasi Kak Wok looks like, just imagine some nasi bungkus with fried chicken cutlets and a chicken dhalca curry as the gravy. yes, as simple as that.

i really cant imagine how on earth the dish is so irresistable and delicous. looking at the servings, it looks damn simple. i bet u can get more if u were at some nasi bungkus at kg baru or maybe some mamak. but the magic is there.

with only rm2 for a handful of magical dish as Nasi Kak Wok, with tears streaming down from my eye, i was totally blessed.

all hail Kak Wok. horns up always!